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What foods can I eat in the days and weeks after surgery?

For the first 3-4 months after your surgery, it’s important to keep your chewing on the gentler side to let your jawbone and new dental implants become strongly bonded friends. You’ll be able to enjoy foods you can cut easily with a fork from the get-go.

For the initial 4 months, we recommend sticking to soft and easy-to-chew foods like fish, chicken, pasta, chips, mashed and boiled potatoes, and eggs.

Once we hit the 6-month mark and confirm your implants are snugly integrated with your jawbone, you can start exploring tougher foods, like steaks and apples, to your heart’s content!

The Fixed Teeth Australia team will provide you with tailored instructions to make sure you’re on track.

Many of our patients have shared stories of improved health and weight after they began enjoying more nutritious, fresh foods again. Here’s to a healthier you with your new smile!

Make this the year for the change you deserve. ​

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