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Welcome to our Geelong clinic.

It’s never too late to prioritise your needs. We are here to help you to start living your best life. Our warm and judgement free team have seen it all and we can’t wait to help you transform not just your smile but your whole sense of wellbeing.

Fixed Teeth Australia Geelong


1st Floor, 200 Malop Street

Geelong VIC 3220

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Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm
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(03) 5364 9500

Meet the Fixed Teeth Australia Geelong Team

Dr Brian Johnston
All-Fixed Dental Implant Surgeon and Co Founder

Dr Brian Johnston

Fixed Teeth Australia
Melbourne | Geelong | Ballarat

Dr Brian Johnston has over 33 years of experience in dentistry and has performed over 1000+ cases of All-on-4®️ Dental Implants (very few dentists have even done 50 in their whole careers).

Now offering our All-Fixed Solutions Dental Implants which is an advance on traditional All-on-4®️, allowing us to tackle intricate cases previously deemed difficult or unfeasible, to ensure you have the best possible result.

In addition to helping his patients build back their smiles and confidence he’s most proud of seeing the really profound and positive changes this can have on the ways they live their lives.

Dr Brian also teaches implant dentistry to other dentists – so you know you will be in capable hands.


Dr Brian was trained personally by Paulo Malo (The Inventor of All-on-4® Dental Implants) and is featured in magazines and radio stations, including 3BA.

Patient Care

Dr Brian and his team place a lot of emphasis on your specific patient journey. They understand what it takes to create an outstanding patient experience and aim to make every part of your journey as exceptional, stress-free and comfortable as it can be.


With tens of thousands of hours in postgraduate education over the years, Dr Brian brings an industry leading level of knowledge to his patients at Fixed Teeth Australia.

Dr Varun Chopra
All-Fixed Dental Implant Surgeon

Dr Varun Chopra

Fixed Teeth Australia
Melbourne | Geelong | Ballarat

Dr Varun Chopra, a dedicated dental professional with exceptional interpersonal skills and a Masters in Dentistry from La Trobe University, focuses on aiding patients facing severe dental challenges, particularly those with broken or missing teeth.

Through his experience in full arch rehabilitation with dental implants, he has witnessed the profound impact this can have on his patients by restoring confidence through smiles.

Committed to continuous improvement, Varun actively participates in dental associations, pursuing advanced training and setting industry benchmarks.

His belief in leveraging technology for precise diagnoses drives him to help patients achieve their dream smiles.

Varun firmly advocates that nothing you wear holds more significance than your smile.

Training & Education

Varun’s quest for mastery led him to pursue additional training in Portugal with Dr. Pedro Rodrigues and mentorship in the Malo protocol with Fixed Teeth Australia’s very own Dr. Brian Johnston. He is an active member of the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Prosthodontics Society INC.

Jaye Toohey
Treatment Coordinator

Jaye Toohey

Fixed Teeth Australia
Ballarat & Geelong

Just great people the care and professionalism by all the staff was just brilliant.

Jason B, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

Great place ! Very professional ! I felt comfortable straight away ! Highly recommended !

Calumais, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

Must say that the experience was so much better than I thought it would be. Thank you to ALL the team made it so easy. All friendly lovely people.

Pamela F, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

The staff are so friendly and that really helped. No question went unanswered, and I was put at ease at all times. Any concerns I have had have been addressed.

Helen D, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

What a great team. Highly recommended anyone with problems with their teeth who need implants give a call thanks Dr Brian and team loving them after 2 days.

David R, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

Thank you Dr Brian. l can’t stop smiling ! Without hand over mouth. It’s been over 30 years since l have done that!

Trudy H, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

Brian and his wonderful team put me at ease straight away. Words cannot express to Brian and this team how grateful I am to them for the respect I received.

Wendy, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

Would thoroughly recommend. They were very attentive before and after procedure. The follow up from the team has been amazing, I appreciate the time they have taken to make contact with me to find out how I am travelling.

Ray M, Geelong
Non-Incentivised Review

Experience the Fixed Teeth Australia difference

At Fixed Teeth Australia our highly experienced Surgeons have a sole focus on providing All-Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implant procedures all day, every day and nothing else.

Our surgeons are backed by a highly experienced support team who are specifically trained for the All-Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implant treatment.

What this means for you is a level of surgical experience that your general dental practice simply cannot match. Our gold standard treatment protocol is performed in wholly owned private hospital surgeries, unlike your local dentist who would typically operate in standard dental chairs and without the support of a general anaesthetist team.

This is an area of surgical dentistry where safety and experience are a matter of utmost importance and should be top of mind for you when comparing us to other providers.

This level of quality control also extends to our in-house labs where we craft our realistic looking and feeling prosthetic teeth bridges so that nothing is left to chance.

Our motto is to never compromise on your health and safety.

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