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Here is your handy step-by-step guide to our All-Fixed Solutions Full Mouth Dental Implant treatment schedule.

Step 1

Your All-Fixed Dental Implant Consultation

Embark on the first inspiring step towards your dream smile with Fixed Teeth Australia’s highly experienced team. This initial step is all about us understanding your dental and health history in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. We have years of experience meeting with patients who have lost all hope for their teeth and know that the simple act of reaching out for help can seem like a monumental step.

Take heart that we’ve been told by many of our patients that this doesn’t feel like visiting their normal dentist with all the apprehension they normally feel.

Our expert surgeons will evaluate your specific needs, personal aspirations, and how well-suited you are for our treatment. We’ll guide you through this life-changing journey, detailing each step. To gain a thorough understanding of your current dental situation and the potential transformation, we’ll utilise advanced non-invasive and painless imaging techniques. This includes scans, digital dental impressions, and detailed photographic imaging, laying the path for your future smile.

Step 2

Diagnosis and Treatment Schedule

In the second phase of your treatment journey, the findings from your consultation are thoroughly reviewed, leading to a personalised assessment from your surgeon regarding your eligibility for All-Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants. Based on this assessment, a tailored treatment plan is meticulously crafted to align with your specific needs and preferences.

At this stage, we’ve already prepped our in-house laboratories to begin the precision work of crafting your new provisional teeth. Utilising your scans and digital impressions, our highly skilled team ensures that your provisional teeth are prepared for fitting. Unlike many providers, our teeth are ready within 24 hours following your surgery, though in most cases, they are fitted on the same day as your surgery. This swift and efficient process is a testament to our commitment to providing you with a seamless and satisfying dental restoration experience.

Step 3

All-Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implant Surgery

The much-anticipated highlight of your treatment journey is here – your surgery day. This significant and transformative day will stand out as a momentous turning point in your life.

Your comfort is paramount, and we prioritise your well-being by ensuring a pain-free, sedated experience throughout your procedure by our general anaesthetist team. Each row of teeth receives the attention of a dedicated surgical team ensuring meticulous attention to every detail.

During the procedure, four surgical grade titanium implants of the highest quality are carefully placed into your bone, forming the stable base for your new, radiant smile.

24 hours following the surgery though typically immediately after you wake up on the day or surgery, we will unveil your beautiful provisional teeth. As you leave our clinic, you’ll be stepping into a new chapter of your life, equipped to enjoy eating, laughing, living, and smiling with renewed confidence and comfort.

Step 4

A Few Months Following Surgery

As you embrace life with your new provisional teeth during the fourth stage of your treatment plan, the team at Fixed Teeth Australia’s in-house laboratories are now skilfully crafting your final teeth, tailored to your specific preferences for colour, shape and fit.

You can think of your provisional teeth as a test drive for a couple of months so you can tell us about your preferences, and we can make any adjustments you need to ensure you are completely happy with your final teeth. This critical step is missed by many clinics, who simply go straight to final teeth in the days following surgery. In those cases, you have no time to assess these final teeth as your mouth heals and your implants become fully integrated with your bone in the weeks and months post-surgery.

Our commitment to maintaining a high success rate of 98%* is reflected in our comprehensive post-surgery protocol. This includes a detailed evaluation of your healing progress, overall health, and the stability of the implants before moving to final teeth. Take care in ensuring other clinics you may meet with also follow our same “2 bridge” All-Fixed Treatment protocol.

This post operative assessment takes place back in our Super Clinics where to ensure the perfect fit and appearance, we conduct trial fittings of your final teeth, fine-tuning them to meet your exact specifications for shape and comfort. All of this is done as a non-invasive and pain-free appointment.

Once these adjustments are perfected, your lifelike final teeth are fitted, marking the beginning of a future filled with enduring smiles. In the years ahead should anything break with your final teeth we will be able to swap them out promptly with your provisional teeth as we will have them safely archived at our Super Clinics for you. Nice and simple!

Step 5

Looking After Your Radiant New Smile

The culmination of your journey towards enduring fixed teeth is the fifth and final stage: aftercare. Adhering to the simple aftercare guidelines around cleaning your new smile given by our team is a crucial component of our Fixed Teeth Treatment Protocol. This commitment not only equips you with the knowledge and confidence needed for this life-altering transformation but also ensures the longevity and success of the treatment.

Our Fixed Teeth Treatment Protocol is designed to yield the most effective and reliable results in dental implant restorations, boasting a notable success rate of 98%*.

It’s important to remember that unlike natural teeth, your new fixed teeth are immune to tooth decay, however they still necessitate diligent oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings. With consistent care, your new dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime.

Our commitment to safety and patient care is underscored by our All-Fixed Dental Implant Warranty. This should give you further comfort and assurance to keep smiling well into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the free clinical consultation?

On arrival you’ll meet our highly trained yet friendly and approachable Treatment Co-ordinators They will look after you as we explore a non-invasive and painless cone beam CT scans and go through your medical history, we’ll be able to let you know if you’re a good fit for All-Fixed Solutions Full Mouth Dental Implants during your consultation. Most folks are great candidates, but if for any reason you’re not, don’t worry – we will suggest other ways to help you smile with confidence again.

Get ready for a delightfully short wait ‘til your transformation because the entire surgery happens in just one day! Imagine coming in during the morning for surgery and, by the afternoon, we’re already putting the final touches on your custom-made new teeth right here in our own lab. This quick turnaround isn’t just convenient; it also lets us keep a close eye on quality every step of the way.
And the best part? We’ll fit your brilliant new, fixed smile within 24 hours but often on the same day of surgery.

These new fixed provisional teeth allow you to adjust to the look and feel as your implants heal. We think of this as taking your teeth for a test drive so you can get used to them and provide us any feedback which we will incorporate into your final set of teeth. At around the 5-6 month mark we painlessly pop out your provisional teeth and place in your final brilliant smile.

This “2 bridge” protocol which helps us achieve our industry leading 98% success rate, is so superior to a “single bridge” approach that you may find offered at other providers.

This is very important to take note of when comparing us to other dental implant providers.

At Fixed Teeth Australia, we’re passionate about restoring your confidence with a smile that not only looks natural but feels and functions like your own teeth. That approach is All-Fixed Solutions Full Mouth Dental Implants which are also known as All-on-4®.
Crafted right here in our own labs with the finest materials and meticulously engineered implants, we can guarantee the quality control of every lifelike smile we provide.

Worried about how your smile will turn out? There’s no need! We use advanced software to show you a virtual preview of your future smile, so you can feel excited and confident before we even begin.

And for anyone switching from dentures, get ready for a game-changer. Our patients often share how freeing it is to no longer worry about dentures slipping or falling out – it’s a new day and a new smile with peace of mind included!

Many of our patients have made the switch from bothersome, ill-fitting dentures that gave them nothing but grief. Our All-Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants, a step up from the traditional all-on-four, say goodbye to all that irritation. Imagine a permanent, snug fit that stays put without any hassle – that’s what you get!

It’s a fantastic choice for anyone tired of dealing with dentures, as well as those facing severe gum disease or dealing with missing or badly damaged teeth. Say hello to comfort and goodbye to dental woes!

Keen to move on from your broken-down teeth?

Call the experienced team with a sole focus on providing clinically proven full mouth dental implant procedures.

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