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We do this with a quick, non-invasive and pain-free 3D scan.

Why is this crucial to determine your suitability?

On average 25% of Your Jaw Bone is LOST within the 1st year that a tooth is missing! The more teeth you have missing the more extensive the loss. With longer term denture wearers this problem can be significantly advanced.

If there simply isn’t enough bone left, you will unfortunately not be eligible for dental implants.

We’ve had patients hold off coming in…

Only to find out later they were no longer suitable for dental implants because they had lost too much bone…

Sadly, many wish they’d acted sooner had they’d known how extensive their bone loss had become.

So, we want to make it as FAST & EASY for you to find out…

All it takes is a quick Digital X-Ray of your mouth…

…and with our new scanning technology, it’s completely non-invasive and PAINLESS.

To help ensure that you don’t leave this too late, we are waiving the scanning cost for you today!

That’s right, this crucial scan is completely FREE and you might find yourself taking the next step to finally moving on from Dentures & Failing Teeth.

A normal healthy jawbone with a full set of teeth
A diminished jawbone showing bone loss associated with denture wearing and/or lost teeth.

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Answers to Common Questions

What happens at your appointment?

After your FREE phone consultation, you’ll book in a time for a FREE face to face consultation.

When you arrive, our warm and welcoming staff will be there to greet you with smiles. They’ll kindly guide you through filling out a brief form to capture essential information that the Doctor needs to understand your dental history and current needs. Following that, one of our friendly treatment coordinators will escort you for your 3D Scan, a completely non-invasive and pain-free experience designed to give us a comprehensive view of your dental structure.

While the Doctor reviews your scans, our treatment coordinator will discuss some initial treatment possibilities with you, ensuring you’re well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. Shortly after, the Doctor will sit down with you to meticulously go through your scans, tailor a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs and address any questions or concerns to ensure you’re fully at ease and informed.

To conclude, the treatment coordinator will provide a detailed overview of your insurance benefits, the costs, various financing options, and any additional information necessary to empower you to make a confident decision regarding a dental implant procedure. Our goal is to ensure your journey with us is as bright and positive as your smile!

Not in the slightest. The machine just spins around your head a few times taking pictures. Everything is digital making it convenient and much more accurate than the old X-Ray’s you may be used to.

Each procedure is as unique as you are. To give you a precise estimate for dental implants, we a review your scans to understand your specific needs. Dental implants offer a lasting solution to tooth loss, representing a valuable investment in your smile compared to temporary fixes like dentures. By fully leveraging any insurance benefits and exploring our flexible payment plans, we’re committed to making this superior option accessible and affordable for as many people as possible.

We endeavour to maximise the benefits you receive from dental insurance, major medical insurance, and Medicare coverage. The extent of coverage from your insurance depends on your provider and individual circumstances. Naturally, we won’t have this information until we’ve conducted the necessary scans and discussed everything with you during the consultation.

Secure your Smile Assessment phone booking now + receive your FREE consult scans valued at $285

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