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How do I care for my All-Fixed Dental Implants and teeth?

We’ll hand you a guide with all the simple steps you need to follow after your new teeth are in place. Plus, remember to pop in for your maintenance check-ups twice a year.

Here’s a quick rundown on daily care: brush your bridges just like you would natural teeth, twice a day, with the soft toothbrush we give you. Swap out regular toothpaste for a gentle, non-abrasive tooth gel. Hold off on using an electric toothbrush until our Fixed Teeth Australia team says you’re ready, usually around the 5-month mark. And be gentle around your gums to let them heal properly. After 5 months, we’re all for using an electric toothbrush like the Philips Sonicare to keep things clean.

To get those hard-to-reach spots under your prosthesis, a Waterpik Oral irrigator is fantastic for a thorough clean, along with some good old vigorous rinsing. And for cleaning under the lower teeth, Piksters are great – they’re these tiny bottle brush-like tools you can find at all chemists and grocery stores.

With these easy steps, you can easily keep your new smile in top shape!

Make this the year for the change you deserve. ​

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